Bug fixes:

  • Fixes an issue with supplies not updating properly in lists


New features:

  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements


New features:

  • You can now mark an entire location as reviewed or unreviewed by tapping the green badge
  • Supplies with the same name finished within the same day will now get combined in the Finished view
  • Added a context menu action to quickly rename items while you’re reviewing them
  • Added a context menu action to reviewed items to quickly add them to your shopping list
  • Added a Mark as Opened context menu action to checklist items where possible

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where checklist and shopping list items were not matched to the correct supplies


Bug fixes

  • Fixed some stuttering in scrolling animations
  • Fixed an iPad layout issue in the checklists view
  • Fixes a bug where a checklist view would navigate back just after adding or removing items
  • Item quantity in finished supplies list is only shown if it’s >1


New features

  • Added a context menu action to quickly mark checklist items as finished
  • Streamlined Finished view with quick action buttons for deleting supplies or adding them to the shopping list
  • Supplies in the Finished view are now grouped by day
  • A new view that helps you review your supplies and make sure everything is up-to-date

Bug fixes

  • Fixed some stuttering in lists
  • Improved responsiveness when changing shopping list item quantity
  • Fixes a bug where checklist cards didn’t update when inventory item quantities were changed from within a checklist


Bug fixes

  • Re-enable missing search bar in supply views
  • Remove workarounds for iOS 14.2 bugs


The renaming update!


  • You can now rename your supplies and shopping list items. Just long press on an item and a menu will pop up with the option
  • Added buttons for quickly changing shopping list item quantities
  • More behind-the-scenes work on item name matching. Supplies now tries to take your device language into account to improve matching accuracy between your supplies and shopping list and checklist items

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where checklist cards wouldn’t update after adding or removing items
  • Removed a third-party crash log collection service, Supplies now doesn’t collect any extra information from your device


  • New: Checklists help organize groups of related items. Use them for your favorite recipies, tracking emergency supplies or something else entirely. Create a list and Supplies will figure out which items you already have, which you need to buy and which are already in your shopping list.
  • New (Deluxe): iCloud sync! If you use multiple devices, you enable iCloud sync to keep your settings and checklists up-to-date between all of them.
  • Improvement: item quantities are no longer limited to 50.
  • Improvement: better item matching and merging. If you already have a matching item (same status and location) in your inventory, adding supplies with the same name will update the quantity instead of creating a new item
  • And of course, various bug fixes and stability improvements


Supplies 2.0.0 is a complete rewrite of the app. Everything should be faster, smoother, softer and all-round more pleasant to use.

  • New: redesigned UI
  • New: brand-new iOS 14 home screen widgets to display your shopping list
  • New: an improved two-section shopping list: Need To Buy and Shopping Bag. The latter holds all of your bought items so they are easier to organize when you get back home.
  • New: Supplies Deluxe, a subscription or one-time unlock that gives you access to even more features and customization options


  • New: status and location sections in the main overview screen are now collapsible


  • add setting to auto-capitalize new item names
  • use less granular grouping in expiring items view


  • New: mouse cursor support on iPads
  • New: Split View support on iPads
  • New: a tip jar!


  • New: Shopping list view. You no longer need to leave the app to see your shopping list and can even check off items as you buy them.
  • New: Customizable statuses. You can now delete any of the existing statuses, reorganize them or add your own.
  • New: Better date picker for setting expiration dates.
  • New: Added Estonian localization
  • New: Complete navigation revamp on iPhones. Everything should be smoother and it should be easier to move between screens.
  • Fixed: Date sorting in Expiring and Finished views was wrong
  • Many smaller bug fixes and user experience improvements


  • Fixed: Supplies got confused when locations included any non-Latin characters
  • Other smaller bug fixes and improvements


  • Fixed: the button for moving past the welcome screen was hidden on some small iPhone models (e.g. 1st generation SE)


  • New: Dark Mode support! You can now open up settings and change your user interface style to light, dark or have Supplies automatically match the system theme.
  • Improvement: input boxes for adding locations and items look way nicer on iPhones
  • Improvement: new nicer-looking splash screen
  • Improvement: the location or status headings in the items list are now sticky so it’s easier to see what section you’re looking at
  • And as always, various smaller bug fixes and user experience improvements


  • New: multiselect mode - move and update multiple items at once.
  • Fixed: search now searches across all items, regardless of the view you’re currently in.
  • Various other user interface and usability tweaks.


  • User interface has gone through some improvements, animations have been added here and there
  • Supplies now provides haptic feedback where appropriate on iPhones
  • Various bug fixes and user experience improvements


  • Items can now be reorganized by long pressing and dragging
  • Various UI tweaks and bug fixes


  • Update icons used in the introduction screen