What is Supplies?

Supplies helps you manage your food and other daily necessities.

With guidelines recommending people to stay at home as much as possible, planning ahead has become vital. Supplies enables you to do just that by helping you track the basic necessities you have at home and plan ahead for your next trip to the grocery store.

Supplies was born out of necessity in the spring of 2020 when lockdown orders were taking effect around the world. Suddenly I couldn’t stop by the grocery store every day on my way home and had to buy food for longer periods at a time.

To make my life easier, I built an app to help organize my food stock and it turned out to be useful enough that I released it on the App Store. I’ve kept working on it in the hope that Supplies can help at least a few other people stay home and stay safe.

Key features

  • Keep track of your food or any other supplies and organize them by status and location
  • Add items that you need to restock to your shopping list
  • Create checklists for groups of related items (e.g. for recipe ingredients)
  • Get a quick overview of everything that has an expiration date
  • Share your inventory with other members of your household thanks to the integration with Reminders
  • Home screen widget for showing your shopping list
  • Supports OS features like Dark Mode


Supplies is a free download and its basic features will always remain free.

Supplies Deluxe is an optional upgrade that provides some quality-of-life improvements. It can be unlocked via:

  • a monthly subscription – $0.99/month
  • an annual subscription – $6.99/year
  • or lifetime access – $10.99 one-time fee

Supplies Deluxe will enable the following extra features:

  • Add your own statuses and locations
  • Create unlimited checklists
  • Customize the UI
  • Sync your settings between devices via iCloud
  • …and more in development

You can download Supplies from the App Store.

Follow @suppliesapp on Twitter for product updates and announcements.

The Supplies website contains an overview of the app and an up-to-date version of this press kit.


Supplies is developed by Hendrik Kaju. Feel free to reach out to me via e-mail or on Twitter if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback in general.


You can download a combined zip file for the screenshots here or pick and choose from the gallery below.